Winter in Wisconsin

th8GXSTB16Sure I could blog a beautiful description of winter in Wisconsin and make it eloquent, but I’m finding that difficult to do. As I look out the window I see gray! 50ty shades of gray almost. People really think Wisconsin is beautiful and I must yes it is, in the summer. All of 3 months of summer.

Today its a mood and its not a healthy one. I’m sure I’m speaking for many.

I dread these days and try to think of Syria, Afghanistan and people who have it worse off than I, but sometimes that can be a little difficult this time of year. Then there are those who are comfortable, cozy and the perfect home with white picket fence, 2 car garage with 12 standing and waiting to get inside some year, with no worries only to create some to be in the “in crowd”.

Lets all just think “it could always be worse”. I’m still trying. imagesA sandal helps me to think “sunny”.