Enough is Enough ~ Police vs Black Men


Ok, enough is enough. There seems to be a big misunderstanding about the laws of the land. Also, who can carry a gun or who can’t. Every time I get on this computer or open a newspaper I see another shooting. Ok, the sign of the times. I get it. Economy still not up to par. Immigration still amok. We all need money.

My understanding is this, cops (authority) carry guns criminals don’t. What am I missing with all of these cop shootings? Huh? Huh ? When a crime is being committed as in most, but not all, an officer is serving and protecting the land. Am I right?

It seems too many black people that black men are getting shot by white police officers on purpose. Sure, and I’m glad, these criminals  are NOT carrying guns aren’t you? My question is these, WHY ARE BLACK MEN COMMITTING THESE CRIMES AND PUTTING THEMSELVES IN THESE PREDICAMENTS?

This is all about protocol folks. When a police officer (s) says, stop, stop, stop, YOU stop. If a police officer asks for your ID, you show it. Whats the problem? No ID, why not? If a police officer says get on your knees, we get on our knees? No knees? Why not? Just do it. Why don’t black men become police officers and experience the hardships of being a police officer?

It appears and again perception, black men have trouble with compliance. Why? Ya know, some how if we look hard of enough, all of us, we will see that there are two groups here. Respectable black population and the criminal minded population. Am I correct on seeing this? The same is true for the white population. There are white trash and the respectable law-abiding population. Then we have the rebel rouzers who continue to stir up history and the past. Those are the ones who yell the loudest and refuse to walk side by side and move on into the future. As I see it, I believe the respectable law-abiding black population and law-abiding white population could make a fantastic undivided nation. The innovation, the new ideas from them all would make this nation proud. One and for all.

Finally, how many black men have shot black men and how many white people have been beaten up for the simple reason they were white? We never read about those in the media.