WOW today is the day December 5th thirty seven years ago I lost my father to cancer. I remember it so vividly, the call from mom to come and meet at the hospital. Of course, it was warp speed. I picked mom up first and tried not to speed to the hospital where dad had been fighting heroically the metastasis of lung cancer. My brother hurried as well along with my sister scurrying too, to be there for the moment of departure. It was almost like putting dad on a train and the steam coming out from underneath it. The whistle blowing.

We entered the room, sometimes one by one only to see the truth before us. Mom trying to be the pillar of strength, although underneath, we sensed the chill of loss she was experiencing.

As the curtain closed for us all, we left the hospital and entered the parking lot not speaking a word. We were like a pack, walking side by side and close, letting the Alpha lead, mom. We now lost the head of the family pack. While walking out in the late night hours, we could hear a clang of the flag pole and the wind in the night. As cold as it was, in our own individual ways skipped along on light air, relieved, knowing the suffering was over and our anticipation of death, came to an end. Now we realized more than ever, as the cliche goes, “it was the beginning of the end”.

For 37 years, his body and soul haven’t be ravaged by that hideous disease, cancer.

We are well, dad… I know you are.

Indoor Blooms 1 (c)
Indoor Blooms 1 (c)

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  1. Thank YOU for sharing yours. Ya know, whenever December 5th comes along every year, its like, now something very important on this day happened. I’m not depressed, but the memory returns.


  2. JJ

    Thirty seven years isn’t that long in your heart, is it, Jan? I bet the pain of loss still hits you just as fresh now and then, I know it does me when I think of my dad. He also died with lung cancer. Thank you for sharing this private memory.

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