Do we need quiet?

Noise. Computers. Commuters. Traffic Jams. Bills and pills. Need pills because  of  bills. Lil ol ladies (me) caning it across a busy boulevard at 1 mph yanking out a wedgie. Grocery shopping after work. Run the kids to football practice or soccer. Slam the Stoufers (TV dinner) into the microwave, bam! There…………………………..

With all of that said, how many of us just need to put our foot out and just stop? Well I do and tonite I went to a Taize Prayer Service. No its not a cult or mystical. Sometimes we just need to stop from the world’s busyness and be just plane calm. Put the Ferguson’s and ISIS aside along with the White House and flat screen TV.

What is Taize worship? Taize is a town in France and the service developed by a Brother Roger whose war torn town needed comfort and calmness during World War 2. The following gives a better idea what to expect. I’m not a holy roller by any means, just ask any one of my friends, no don’t, but sometimes I myself just need quiet, and contemplative soothing music to go inward for inner strength and courage.

The Taizé community has had a major impact in the area of prayer and worship. They have developed a large repertoire of their own music, which is now sung around the world. Taizé music is very contemplative in nature. It usually involves a simple one or two line refrain that is repeated multiple times. As the refrain is repeated over and over, different instrumental and vocal harmonies are brought in. The purpose of this repetitive singing is to help us focus and contemplate on a single aspect of God for an extended period of time.

Nothing fell off as I exiting the chapel. What do you do for quiet? penguin