Coming to the end of caregiving month ~

As previously mentioned in one of my post, November is National Family Care Giving Month. We are winding down and I could not help think that many of us are care givers long after November. Therefore, winding down for some, is not an option.

Some of the words that come to mind that may help us in the coming months may be; steady as we go; stay the course; rest; eat and don’t get married; (at this time); stay organized; use your clout some businesses give care giver discounts, remember Black Thursday and Friday are upon us; finally, when November ends, keep it going. Mind, body and soul. Lets don’t return to our old ways if we haven’t already, and try to do everything by ourselves. Ask for help. There is no shame. In fact, asking takes courage. image2s

Lets keep on keeping on, shall we? Any good experiences to share with us?