Good Morning America! How are You?

Well, it came down. Now not rain. No not the hammer. The gavel. I was watching TV last night as many and could not help but see the Civil rights Movement all over again. I tapped the side of my head, shook it, and said to myself, what progress? What forward motion to unity? I was watching anarchy at its best. During the last two presidential elections, I heard the word over and over and over again,  “Change”. I didn’t see it last night as the buildings burned, merchandise being “stolen”. and bricks being thrown. Reporters ducking and moving back as if in a war zone. I even heard in the back ground, “Medic”. Huh?

All of this over some Swisher Sweets Cigarillos that weren’t paid for. (seen on video) Who brought that on?

Good Morning America! Welcome AGAIN to the 60ty’s. Its time to try try again to get it right for as long as it takes to move forward and BEYOND color. Its time to look at the laws of the land equaling a society. Thou shall not steal! Thou shall not get shot. RESPECT the law and its servants. The law officers of this land do not have it easy regardless of color. EVERYONE, deserves due process of the law. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty by the court process regardless of the color of ones skin. People will say and I heard, “what due process did Michael  get? Michael Brown was the only one in control of his own destiny by making the choices that he did. Was the officer correct in making that split second decision by pulling his gun in the car, shots fired, and then pursuit? You decide. Let us all remember, police officers are trained to protect and serve the people and its laws of the land. None wake in the mornings wanting to shoot anyone. That is called a “dirty cop”. Not in this case. This officer was protecting himself and the community. How would any of us like it if Michael Brown came into our house and stole a cup of sugar? Gallon of milk? A cigarillo from the ashtray? Go figure. Is this not a dangerous person breaking the law?


Its been mentioned over and over again, that Michael Brown was a child. Does your child smoke stolen Swisher Sweet Cigarillos? index

One of the laws of the land which isn’t even on the books yet, to have avoided the 60tys re-run, DON’T wrestle a police officers gun from him in a police SUV after stealing cigarillos !