THAT Conversation No One Wants

Usually, from my understanding and not being married (yet), there is always that one phrase most everyone hates. “We Gotta Talk”. This being said to a spouse or a possible going to be ex spouse.

Then folks there is this phrase or topic “The Conversation”. This conversation is one that most dread and keep hidden in their far corners of their archives in their minds. How many of us have talked to our loved ones about our wishes at the end of our transitory life? I must confess, I haven’t.

As many of you know, I’ve been a caregiver for my 92 year old mother for sometime. I visit her at an assisted living facility and have great visits and good conversations. BUT, we never speak or have the taboo conversation about her wishes toward the end of her life. I can’t help but think, my goodness how much closer does she have to be at 92 to be at the end?

I have found a site that I would like to share. Noooooooooo its not plagiarism. I just would like to give us something to think about.

Yesterday I made a start and never thought I’d be have two wonderful friends witness my directives. I mean, who ever is to think of (TTTHAAAT)! Needless to say I’m glad I started. It doesn’t matter how old we are nor how close we are to the finish line, its always time to have that Conversation. penguin