Things one should read or not to read on this darn box!

The wonderful world of technology or is it? How many us us are going to see the title of this post and just pass it by? Or delete? Then we have our delightful browsers or are they? I came across this’s-scars-for-creigh-deeds-every-day-brings-questions/ar-BBcs1LQ?ocid=mailsignout

article and read down through and found it to keep on going and going and going and going. Amazingly, I read it all.

On this bloody (British slang) box, or in America, darn box, I read with interest a sons deed toward his father. I read with awe and horror at what mental illness can turn someone into toward a loved one or not and society. Its all around. Not all mentally ill act on their impulses nor their demons demands. There are many who take their medication responsibly, go to their doctor and become pillars of society. Abraham Lincoln, Beethoveen, Buzz Adrian (astronaut) and Winston Church Hill to name a few. It only isn’t the male gender that it selects. Judy Collins, Sheryl Crowe, Princess Diana and Patty Duke to name a few from the Venus gender and on and on and on.

My father had cancer and that was never ever shunned. Why is it that mental illness has a stigma to it? Is it the “mental” part of it? The head part that is ALWAYS to be screwed on straight front and center? When its not its sinful?

Hmmmmmmm baffling. The reason for this is, “awareness”. As I look out the window and see Mr. Jones blowing leaves, (not literally) with a leaf blower, I wonder, “such a nice guy” but then again, maybe he too, has an illness that is mental and slightly ajar. Am I afraid? No. In fact, I think I’m going out and help with bagging the leaves. 🙂 Its not painful at all to accept each one of us for who we are and what we have to deal with on a daily basis. Let me just add a small point. I see many people who DON’T  suffer from their maladies, but just HAVE them and deal with them. penguin