Upon Awaking ~ Transformation Continues


I awoke this morning to a beautiful day with gratefulness. Surely not knowing what it will bring, I heard voices in the room. No not in my head. It was my radio with two people talking about “transformation”. Following yesterdays b-log, the leaves changing colors and transforming the trees, it seemed the message applied as well.

Many of us, if not all if we are human, go through storms and find ourselves washed upon the shores. Scratching our heads in wonderment or confusion, we shake ourselves off and say to ourselves, “ok which way?” download  Going into our most inner selves and gathering our knowledge, a wee speck of “trust” comes upon us to guide us. Whether that be in trusting ourselves, trusting the Universe or trusting in a God of our choosing, we jump into it. 

Relieving ourselves of our burdens our inquisitiveness leads us to “conviction”.

Following our convictions lead us then to a faith whether it be known or we proceed blindly. Again, we “jump into it”. Proceeding throughout the day or days ahead we attest or verify (verification) our strengths and continue on day by day, with the credo I pass on to you all, onward and upward said the progressive giant.

“When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place.”

~ Unknown



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