What Books do You Like?

I was going over all my books the other day and was thinking….. smiliethinkingI really saw a pattern form and came across a realization.

My favorite book or series that I liked to read were 1. Nancy Drew Mysteries As I look back, I remember the most intriguing to me was 2. The Drifters ~ James Mitchner when I got into Junior High. Of course then we had a required reading in high school 3. The Good Earth ~ Pearl S. Buck. Well continuing on with my cleaning, I found 4. World Without End ~ Ken Follett a sequel to Pillars of the Earth, that I’ve read. 5. Answer as a Man and Captains and the Kings ~ Taylor Caldwell and my most favorite 6. Dear and glorious Physician~ Taylor Caldwell.

As I looked at these all together, I couldn’t help but think, subconsciously, travel and exploring life seems to be a trait of mine. A mysterious one to boot with Nancy in there.  Most of these books involved people of different cultures traveling to different places. Also, the Caldwell novels, the individuals were traveling to American search of a better place. The land of milk and honey per se.

What are your favorite books and authors? Just curious.