Ohhh no not again!

A shooting in St Louis of a black teen by off duty police officer spurs demonstrations. . In this case in St. Louis, the youth ran (why?) and fired a shot at the police officer. Why, why, why does this keep happening? Another incident in Indiana shows a police officer (s) smashing out a cars window after he asked the person for identification

Whenever I’m stopped (not too often) I do what the police officer says. I also, roll down my window, not a crack as mentioned in Indiana case, but all the way down so I can talk as an adult to the police officer who protects and serves the public. Am I scared, yes. Do I fumble for my license when asked for it yes. If only people would tell the officers what they are doing by saying “Officer, I’m getting my license here its under the seat. Or Officer, will you give me a minute I have to dig in my wallet. Do I say, “What do ya want between a crack in the window? Nooooo. I roll down the window knowing I have children in the car as in the Indiana case, (not the case for me) and do EXACTLY as I’m told.

Why is that so difficult for some? 

Another point. If someone shoots at a police officer white, black or pink officer, that is an automatic defend one’s self. Police MUST defend themselves too. Some say, the teen DIDN’T HAVE A GUN! Huh? When ANYONE doesn’t stop and be a man, shoots the gun at police officer, do I dare say that is a felony and a life or death situation for the officer who is a human being with a heart beat? If I were the police officer and heard bullets whizzing by my head, am I to reconsider the skin color and stop and consider lethal force? I don’t think so. There is a very very very narrow window and time to make decisions and be RIGHT. 

This is getting ridiculous and out of hand. We have laws of the land for ALL and for a reason. This is NOT the land of anarchy. penguinAlthough, wait a minute, or is? emmmm