The week-end is flying by and its Sunday. I couldn’t help but think what do people do on Sundays? Go to church? Watch football, probably yes and worship it too. Computer surf? Cut grass, gardening, weed and hoe? Go to Woodman’s for the next week groceries? Change the car oil? Aaaahhhhh maybe do the laundry so one if not the entire family can have clean clothes for the week?

Today, I surprised everyone including myself. I went to church. That’s right, church. The walls didn’t come down; the communion was good; the fellowship warming; and the coffee and donuts were great after the service itself.

When it was all said and done, I looked around at my body and nothing fell off with the decision of attending my church of choice. Conversations with the almighty were serious, comical  and gratifying within. My supplications were repeated, like asking to win the lottery again. Hoooo hum.

What do you all do on Sundays besides go to St. Mattress and see Fr. Pillow?

Fr. Pillow forgive me for not going!
Fr. Pillow forgive me for not going!


2 thoughts on “Sundays

  1. Debbie

    Heh Jan, we our Sundays are coming home from camp, getting our football picks ready and over to the pub. Have a couple of beers then head home. I catch up on some laundry or housework and the boyfriend watches his football. A relaxing day before heading back to work

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