What would you ask God?

What would you ask  God if after stumbling out of bed, poured your coffee, His or Hers too, and had morning coffee?

My first question would, “what time is it?” Yawnnnn. I’m sure his/her answer would be, my time or worldly time? “Ohhh, never thought of that.” “Central Standard Time would be great.” 

“Whats up with you today God? Busy day?” God, “My yesss, have you noticed the mess that the world is in?” “Not this morning. How bad is it?”

“Weelll, I got people loppin heads off over seas, planes and something earthlings call drones, flying at warp speed, and a guy who loves to play golf by the name of Obama when times are rough, so my day is full. Its necessary I look out for the innocence of children. “

My day isn’t that full or overwhelming. Its best you handle the worldly things. I’m glad Lord, that there is still good in the world. New babes born, changing of seasons, and caring nurses and doctors fighting Embola. I’m sure many more good things  could be listed. I sure would like to think there is more good than evil in the world, Lord. While I have your attention God, another question comes to mind. Why is it that Christians need a Bible or a book to stay grounded? Why is it, that Native Americans didn’t need a book, but only needed Spirit, Earth and Sky?

Catcha tomorrow God. Get back to me with the answer in your own time. 

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