What is the meaning of Labor Day?

Today is Labor Day and we or most Americans have off. To me Labor Day is everyday. Although, looking over a few facts and really reflecting about the true meaning Labor Day, some of these came to mind. Yes, I researched and found this to be very enlightening. How many of us have really thought about the meaning of Labor Day? Unions? Just plane hard workers? Stay at home moms? Lunch bucket dads? 

1. One in eight Americans have worked for McDonalds.

2. Dream job for men is athlete, for women teacher.

3. America is the only nation that doesn’t mandate vacations.

4. In 1950, Americans worked 1,900 hours, now the average is             1,700 hours.

5. The most dangerous profession is logging. 128 deaths for every       100,000 in 2012.

6. The most stressful job in America or across the seas is military         personal.

7. Labor Day began as May Day, which in turn grew out of the            effort to implement an 8-hour workday in America.

8.Starbucks pays more for employee health insurance than it pays    for coffee.

9. Walmart employs 2.2 million people, meaning its workforce is         almost as large as China’s army.

10. In 1914, Henry Ford doubled his workers’ pay to $5 and reduced      shifts  from 9 hours a day to 8. The moves boosted employee            productivity   and retention.                       

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