Your Pants Relationship

How many of us have had wedgie’s? Raise your hand. How many of us had forgotten to add Bounce to the dryer full of pants? Raise your hand. Well I’ve had wedgies and I have forgotten to add Bounce.

The worst is laying on the bed trying to put on tight fitting jeans with a pliers. Another excruciating experience but doable. The time it took also, was frustrating and my ride was waiting outside. Talk about an atomic wedgie!!!!!!

Then I had the yoga pants. Right in the middle of a yoga pose, rippppppp. downloadI stayed in that pose for hours! 🙂

There also was a time I was walking the mall minding my own business and forgetting the Bounce that morning I was suffering from “leg cling” the entire walk of the mall. 

What are your experiences? I know many of us have had wedgies and severe leg cling. Don’t be shy, comment. 

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