The Worst Parenting Advice

1. Prepare your kids to fail ~ Nonsense ~ Prepare them to pick themselves up again

2. Sleep when the baby sleeps ~ Nonsense ~ If you have a restless baby thats the worst time to sleep. What if the baby decides to cook supper? 

3. Enjoy every minute ~ Nonsense ~ Guilt trip if your not. Who needs it?

4. Don’t worry parenting comes naturally ~ Nonsense ~ A mom can become weird in a disorder called postpartum. So pard um me?

5. If babies poop their pants, let them clean it up ~ Nonsense ~ It would be a worse mess

download (1)Unfortunately I never had children and you are wondering how know so much about it. Actually, I raise three young nieces 2-4-6 years old.

I know what poop is; I still poop.  I know what sleeping with your eyes open is; I still do. I know what baby colic is;  It rubbed off on me. Soooo who says we have to have actual experiences to know whats its all about to rear children?