Return to the 60’s Mentality!

I’m scratching my head wondering what went wrong. I thought going forward meant progress? I watch in horror tear gas, broken store windows, rocks being hurled. What ever happen to due process? I just don’t see it in America! What have we become? A stateless society?

“Shoot first and ask questions later” an acronym has crept back in I’m afraid. I’m more concerned about that it is becoming true. Now I’m not touching on the Zimmerman case at all here. That went through the court of law and was due process, right or wrong.

Has America become so angry that emotions rule the land? That goes for law enforcement as well. I’m proud to be a patriot American whose father fought in WWII for our freedoms. I’m ashamed to be an American today with unsettledness in Europe; unsettledness on our borders; unsettledness in our Congress; and unsettledness in our streets. My father fought for none of that. 

God bless America, why? The Universe has blessed America so many times and I’d be ashamed again if what is happening through out the land, it gets blessed again.