Replenish your energy and play!

Today was an enjoyable day. Some work, some play. Changed oil in lawn mower, changed filter in lawn mower, started lawn mower and yes it runs. Whewww! 

Now it was time to play. Tonite the sun descending, I watered flowers, pulled weeds and enjoyed the beauty of nature. After playing in the yard and garden,it was delightful to enjoy what I like and the energy it brings within.

I Am Energy     unnamed

I liberate my energy by doing things that delight me. As I consciously acknowledge the energy of love in my life, I dissolve old grudges that wear me down.

When I feel tired, I rest. I even give myself permission to do absolutely nothing every once in a while. My energy is radiant and peaceful today. Laughing, singing, and dancing are my natural, normal, spontaneous expressions.

I know I am part of the Divine plan. I am creating space inside myself for loving, optimistic, and cheerful patterns to constantly germinate, take root, and grow. I nourish them with my positive attitude.