Frugal Grocery Shopping

In todays day and age, we all watch our pennies, quarters and dollar bills. We also watch, the prices go up in our grocery stores. Many times, I get home and wonder whats for supper as I view all my paper goods. I’m not into paper mache and I wonder, what did I buyfor the price of 100.00 dollars? 4 ways I try to cut down on my grocery bill.

1.  Choose to go without.

  •       a. Cheese is a luxury. I go without.
  •       b. OJ I only pay .99 or under
  •      c. No snack foods except popcorn.
  •      d. Save money on meat by buying lesser cuts of meat.        Not prime cut. 

 2. Don’t be brand snobs. Use coupons.  

 3. Cook from Scratch  

4. Have a price list.