9 Common Misconceptions About Emotions

1. There is always a right way to feel about situations.
2. Letting people know we feel bad is a weakness.
3. Feeling angry is bad.
4. Being emotional means out of control.
5. Some painful emotions are from a bad attitude.
6. Painful emotions should just be ignored.
7. If others feel emotions are unrealistic, it is true.
8. Negative feelings are bad.
9. Other people are better judges of how one should feel.

Have any of us felt like any of our emotions were untrue? Our emotions are our own. Some emotions are very uncomfortable and others  can be very joyful and bring elation. There truly is nothing wrong with inner or outer happiness. 

There is no right or wrong way to feel in any given situation. Its how we “react” to a situation. If we feel bad about it situation its “ok”. If we desire to let someone we trust know about our emotions it is NOT a weakness. In fact, it is a strength. If we feel angry about our emotions, that is not wrong or erroneous. If we “control” our emotions, it will keep us from being out of control. Emotions can be very painful and they do NOT come from a bad attitude. Example. Attending a funeral is a sad event and can be very painful for individuals. It is false, that it is a bad attitude. It is a very common sadness (an emotion) is a common feeling. It is unrealistic if others feel our emotions are not true. 

Acceptance of self along with our feelings is a step to feeling whole. Negative feelings are can be a protection for ourselves. If we feel negative about some thing, we should acknowledge that.  There is a reason for negativity as well as being positive.

Others can not tell us how we should feel. Emotions are a gift and we need to take ownership of them. They are our very own and we need to knead them, shape them and cherish them along with express them to the best of our abilities at the time. Secrets keep us sick.