Illegal Foreigners

A tsunami of children! What a brilliant idea to flood the US borders with children. Everyone has a heart for children.

This is the New Order that has been the under current for quite some time now. ¬†Flood the borders with children and send them to the land of milk and honey. It has come down to humanitarian vs politic quadrennium. Let me add, it also has become a religious/jihad (struggle) for denominations to fit scriptural jargon into the mix. Welcome the stranger. There are 14 scriptures in the Bible pertaining to the stranger. Now doesn’t that get to the heart and quilt? Regarding the bible, most if not all the scripture is pertaining to Egypt’s borders NOT US borders.

Now we have a monetary quadrennium. Hmmmmmmm Who in the world is going to pay for either keeping these children or for even sending them back? Any thoughts? Who is going to pay for the judges, the bailiffs, etc., in the judicial system. Yup, you got it. We are.

Oooh and then we have Congress. The thorn not only in the Presidents side, but everyone’s side. Do we really think Congress is going to OK 3.7 billion dollars to tackle this brewing problem? hmmm

This issue/problem is not just the mockness monster rearing its ugly head on any given day. This administration is again flustered and its leader is already looking forward to going to the nearest golf course. Its coming back to me now and I think Bush did the same during Katrina.