Festivals, Festivals and more Festivals ~ But not a brat!

Now reallly? What do we think of when we go to a festival? Beer? Brats? Sweet corn? Loud music, of course. Raffles? Enough questions.

Ventured out to a festival tonite and yes, all of the above came to mind. Not having been to a church festival for quite some time, I thought I’d powder my nose, pinch my facial cheeks, oh and my buttocks cheeks, jump into my Ambush ambush perfume, (for what I don’t know) and went on the prowl. Upon arriving, of course, parking spots were nowhere. Drove around and around and finally came across a spot. P-e-r-f-e-c-t. Close by, near the brats, corn and sweet corn. Tongue starting to hang out the side of my mouth, right side, until it became annoying. I then pushed it back into my mouth where it belonged and told it to stay. A good juicy brat was my craving. What is a festival without a brat and a Wisconsin brat to boot? Before leaping for the bratwurst tent, I found my summer groupies who follow festivals, food and bands during summer months and demonstrate allegiance to anything that moves. In winters nothing moves in Wisconsin.  Ok, enough hand shaking, hugging and kissin on both facial cheeks as the Germans do. Smio left cheek, Smoi right cheek. Okay enough niceties, I need my bratwurst and pig intestines.

Aah ha moment! I first had to get tickets!

I get to the window and I’m reading down through of course, expecting to find brats. Start at the top, scanned down through. Didn’t see brats. Surely, I must have missed them. Read from bottom to top. TWICE!!!!! NO BRATS! Can anyone from Wisconsin who may have been kind enough to stop and read this (((((BELIEVE)))))) NO BRATS?????? WHAT? By this time, my tongue was not only hanging out for a brat, but it was wagging questions to the ticket lady. NO BRATS AT THIS FESTIVAL?

My point, live in Wisconsin we have cheese, sweet corn but no brats at this festival. (((((WHAT?????)))))) I was shocked and ambushed. Ssssheeshbrat





One thought on “Festivals, Festivals and more Festivals ~ But not a brat!

  1. JJ

    Wow, what a disappointment, Janice, sorry you didn’t get a brat. I loved that photo of the waterfall from the tour, so pretty.


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