The Art of Caregiving ~ Whats your comfort ~ 6 words

Sleeping-Golden-Retriever-Puppies-Photo-1600x1200 As some know, I’ve been a caregiver for mom throughout the last four years. Some joyous years, some tearful, and some just plane comforting. Many times we take those we carefor so much for granted that we think the act of care giving can just be tossed when finished at the end of the day.phew-smiley-emoticon

Now, I’m wearing another hat and that is care managing moms care and over seeing that things get done “just right”. (Isn’t that perfection?) I couldn’t help but think after a long day whats my comfort and the art of care giving for myself? While I have your attention, whats your comfort 6 words after a difficult day?

Mine is “a walk on the sandy beach”. images