Your Favorite Book While Growing Up!

How many of us had a favorite book to read during elementary school or a series book that we absolutely had to read? It comes to my mind today is my Nancy Drew books that I cherished. I would always search for the next book in the series of the mystery. I truly believe, this shaped my interest in suspense and mystery today.


This series started in 1930 and ran until 2003. As the series moved along, a cell phone was even introduced in one of the mysteries. A great read for 6.5-8 grade reading level.

I even picked two up at a rummage sale to see if it still has its appeal after some decades. Can you remember your favorite readings?penguin

Biting My Tongue

I was trying to stay out of politics here but with all the stamping of feet, pounding of drums, breaking of store windows and unadulterated behavior, I can’t hold back.

Its done. The election is over. We have winners and we have losers in any competition. Politics is very important to people even if it goes without saying. Most of the time it does. That is what happened in this election. There was a silent majority. To use an analogy….Custer at Little Big Horn. He was confident and arrogant until after the battle. The Sioux were there but just not seen. 

I don’t need to write an epiphany like some are even though it is a right that we all have. I can’t help but think possibly the two-party system doesn’t work anymore. With the two-party system we need the electoral college, although, even when it was established in 1787, it wasn’t perfect and needed amending. What doesn’t even today?

Hillary laid back and did not lean into the blue states. The states that determined the election. Why not? To me, Hillary was a patsy for the Democratic Party because there was no one else to choose from. The Republicans had 16 people to choose from! That is democracy. Choice. That is campaigning.

Now its time to govern with whom we have whether we like it or not. One thing about not having a politician in the WH, it woke up America! We must move on as Americans with spine! The presidency is finite! positive

A New Day

It has been awhile since I’ve been here among the New Year happenings and festivities. Also, a possible writers block. So arising today, it’s a new day and time to be positive regardless of politics and other negativity.

Open our eyes and look up
Time for a lot of catch up
Open the heart to others
Extending a smile, a hand, or encouragement
In a harried world giving easement. penguin



The Meaning of Christmas……

Oh how I can remember the years of memories with family and gifts. Awaking early with my big brother leading the way. We let him this time. Up at the crack of dawn and stillness under the tree with abundance of gifts. Not a lot of gifts but just what the folks could afford. 

The styrofoam boots filled with candy and my eyes grew and grew. Searching around the tree, while the folks were still in bed, as today’s term has it, “it was awesome”. Back then we’d say to each other in whispers, “hey look what I got! What a gas!” or “Far Out.”

Aweeee yes, those tinsel aluminum trees. Before….            christmas-tree christmas-tree-after                                   After…..with the boots to spare…..christmasstyrofoamboats

The night  before was filled with sugar plums dancing in my head to the beat of “Thriller” if it were today. I will confess, our Christmas may have been a cultural thing, and gifts with the infamous Christmas tree.

The birth of Christ, to be honest, was far from our minds. I loved Christmas because of memories and family unity on that day. Religion was not in the picture or the fore front of our wee minds. The child in a manger????? With cows, a donkey, sheep, excrement…..Yuk! Three grown men who claimed to be wise? Reallyyy? Without a degree?

As I continued on in life, I came across my path in many ways of being touched by Christianity. The first encounter after family indoctrination, was in high school when a teacher was holding Bible Study at her home. Now before I go on, we all should know, when in high school there is peer pressure with a possible effected value system. With this said, I went to this Bible Study and was told I need to accept Jesus Christ as my personal savior. I wanted to be accepted so I said, “ok, I did”. (When I didn’t because I had no clue what that meant) My first sour taste in my mouth with religion. I left that far behind when the Jesus didn’t produce for me as a Santa Claus and gifts.

Time went on, again I seemed to search out spirituality and not deeply and not on a daily basis.  I found many people who I came in contact with were people who were profoundly spiritual but non-threatening. None of this, “you gotta stuff, convert, wear your hair long, wear a skirt, don’t swear, no make up (my goodness, I’d look dead without it) blah blah blah.” They were people which I saw a softness in their eyes and love in their hearts.

Now that I have reached this passage of my life, the up and over passage, Christmas isn’t all about gifts, tinsel and Christmas trees. Although, I still kindly accept them, especially chocolate. 🙂

Christmas to me is having an open mind and believing that God will reveal Himself to me. Which the spirit energy has. The child surrounded by cows, donkey, sheep and wise men has new meaning to me today and every day. This child is in God and God is in this child  for our sake. Each and everyday God reveals Himself to me in many different ways, from the people he brings to me, the laughter, and the universe itself. (Gods Art) Is life easy? No. Not every day, but a lot easier knowing that there is even a meaning at all of Christmas that we each find in our hearts on the 25th of December, is a true consolation in the end of the journey. 

Merry Christmas Everyone to you and yours ~


I’ll Never Forget the Shoulder

It certainly has been awhile since I’ve been here to share. Today is a day I will never forget. Many of us have had losses in our lives and some handle them positively, negatively and sadly. Even some morbidly joyous. I’m learning as this day starts, its how we “react” to loss and its true meaning to each and every one of us. It was a painful day, although relief knowing the suffering and anticipation would no longer be a part of the picture.  My confidante, my friend, my mother……

I’ll never forget this day two years ago…..
I stood over you with my right hand or was it my left?…..
Gently feeling your left shoulder, palm over………holding you in my broken heart….
The emotions were al a carte, knowing within, you held me there as a crying infant.

Your tour of duty in this earthly kingdom……came to an end…..
On this day I will remember your laughter and wit…..
Do something positive in your honor……
Read as you loved to do, over hot coffee at Barnes & Noble.

You taught me to read, syllable by syllable…..
You led me to this place….
To learn and not be ignorant as a child without grace…..
To not break the spine of the book, so not to replace……..books are our friends.

Today you will guide me to this reading place…..
The Creator will guide you to this place too, where our hearts will embrace….
Our hearts will dance, we will laugh, we will read, we will remember…….
I in this mortal body will calmly sip my coffee and read knowing you led me to this safe place.Happy Hour


Indoor Blooms 2 (c)


Everything I need to know about life, I learned from Noah’s Ark

Don’t miss the boat.


Remember that we are all in the same boat.


Plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark.


Stay fit. When you’re 600 years old, someone may ask you to do something really big.


 Don’t listen to critics; just get on with the job that needs to be done.


Build your future on high ground.


 For safety’s sake, travel in pairs.


Speed isn’t always an advantage. The snails were on board with the cheetahs.


When you’re stressed, float for a while.


Remember, the Ark was built by amateurs; the Titanic by professionals.


No matter the storm, when you are with God, there is always a rainbow waiting.

                                                            ~ Unknown index                                                

Preventing Winter Illness

Winter is upon us here where I am and its times to consider or health throughout.The other day while I was walking my mile, it was a beautiful fall day in the 60’s. I wore a sweatshirt and the breeze was blowing leaves to beat the band. I had just raked the leaves in the morning, so that was to no avail. I didn’t realize we had a wind advisories or instead of raking I would have had another cup of coffee or two and watch the leaves blow. I know Cold Country can be brutal.  As I was doing my mile while walking, I was thinking of all the remedies for a 4 month winter.

  • Drink milk, it has a lot of vitamin A and B 12.

  • Stay hydrated especially the elderly ~ Drink plenty of water without making the bathroom your Oasis.

  • Exercise to pump up the immune system ~ Low impact walking (not on ice)

  • Get enough sleep.

  • Eat plenty of Salmon or tuna for vitamin D proficiency.

  • Carry moisturizer hand lotion in your purse. A small one. Guys who are not into purses, you can pass on this one. 

  • Wash hands frequently and adequately.

  • Disinfect areas of your home such as the bathroom and kitchen.

  • Get annual flu shot if one agrees to having one. Some people don’t. I don’t.

  • Enjoy a daily mug of antioxidant rich green tea. images